Welcome To HODNETT HOUSE Hodnett House is a day care facility that caters for people
living with intellectual disabilities from the ages of 18 years.

Who Are We?

Hodnett House is a day care facility that caters for people living with intellectual disabilities from the ages of 18 years.

Hodnett House aims to:

Provide a safe, friendly, nurturing environment

Homely premises in the heart of Linden, Hodnett House is a home away from home, with a state-of-the-art sensory room and serene sensory garden.

Holistically meet the needs of each individual

Each individual follows a holistic programme of activities that caters to their ongoing scholastic, vocational, leisure, social and emotional needs.

Be affordable

To be available to all members of society, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Provide relevant information

To provide information to the families and facilitate integration into the wider community if possible and placement at residential facilities.

We love our participants for who they are.

How can I help?

Donate your money

Donations have helped fund various projects such as our beautiful sensory garden, buying outdoor sensory equipment, creating a sensory room, funding weekly activities such as dancing and drama.


Assist with activities such as pottery, baking and cooking.

Support our fundraising events

We participate in various fundraising initiatives such as Casual Day and 947 Ride Joburg.

Support our tea garden

Hodnett House hosts a tea garden every Thursday morning from 10am-12pm. The adults bake delicious savouries and sweets as well as serve as waiters. This is a fun way for them to connect with the wider community.

The Programme

The activity programme is designed to accommodate a range of intellectual disabilities so no one living with an intellectual disability is excluded from the programme. It is designed to include both low and high functioning individuals who have not managed to find work in a mainstream environment. A variety of activities are offered depending on the level of functioning.

Functional language and maths skills

To ensure that the functional academic skill that people have attained are maintained and further developed.

Sign language/ Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)

As communication is so vital, Hodnett House incorporates sign language and other AAC strategies to support people who are non-verbal and face communication challenges.

The world around us

Current affairs and general knowledge, as well as theme activities related to the world around us, which are of interest to the people attending Hodnett House.

Activities of daily living

To maintain and further develop self-help and independence skills related to basic housekeeping, cooking & baking and gardening activities.

Vocational training

For those who can, we facilitate job training.

Personal development & socialisation skills groups

These groups cover various personal development issues such as hygiene, ‘stranger danger’, choices & decision-making, friendships & sexuality, etc.
Groups are sent weekly to JATA for drama & role-playing sessions.

Leisure activities

It is important that people develop hobbies and interests. These include:
Puzzle-building, knitting, loom knitting, card, board and table games, adult colouring-in activities, word searches, etc.
Outings from time to time and if possible, camps.

Physical development

Activities are based on the strengths, weaknesses and interests of the people at Hodnett House. This includes walking, gym-type physical exercise activities, adaptive sports, swimming and dancing.

Arts & craft activities

These are included for relaxation and enjoyment and are also aimed at making goods to sell at market days. These include baked goods, beading, etc.

Extra facilities

State of the art sensory room
Sensory garden
Private physiotherapy available


Hours: Mon-Fri 07h00 – 17h00
The tea garden is not available during lockdown.

NPO Certificate

Contact Us

40 South Road Linden
Please use the entrance
in 1st Street.

Office: 0117826868

Emergency: 0828230177